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Choosing a Therapist: 8 Qualities You Should Consider

Choosing a therapist can be challenging. You need to find someone you feel understands you and that you can trust with your emotional well-being.

Even though you can do the research on therapists in your area about their qualifications and specialties, that doesn’t always mean they’ll be the right fit. You can consider creating a list of qualities you’d like your therapist to have. 

But what qualities should go on that list? Here are eight qualities you should consider when choosing your therapist. 

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When to Consider a Therapist

Many people can go back and forth for years deciding if they’d like to go to a therapist. It takes a lot of courage to open up about problems you may be facing. So, finding someone you trust is essential for taking the right steps forward. 

But how do you know when it’s time to seek help from a therapist? Waiting too long may do more harm than good, so be proactive when you notice signs of struggling with your mental health. Most people wait until they’re in their 20s to seek help. 

It would help if you considered going to a therapist when the earliest signs show up. If you’ve noted symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, PTSD, or anything similar, you should seek help. A therapist can help guide you through your feelings, so you understand what they are and how to deal with them.

Even when you’re feeling confused about the direction you’re going, your therapist can help guide you in the right direction. Your therapist can help create a treatment plan that either includes exercises to try, mood tracking, or in some instances, medication. The proper treatment plan for you can be discussed with your therapist and adjusted as you see signs of improvement or a lack thereof. 

Mental health conditions often affect your ability to complete daily tasks or maintain relationships. Since the state of your mental health is essential to how you live your life, you should seek help if you’re having problems that are affecting your life. 

What Qualities Should You Seek in Your Therapist?

What Qualities Should You Seek in Your Therapist Infographic

Although many factors go into how well you and your therapist connect, there are a few elements you need to think about. Here are a few qualities to look for when you’re unsure how to choose a therapist. 

1. Certifications

Having a trained and professional therapist is crucial to receiving the right care that you’ll benefit from. Mental health professionals have different levels of education, licensing, and certifications. You should find someone trained in the specific treatment you need. 

If you’ve never been treated before and are searching for the right therapist, you can track what experiences you are going through, such as anxiety, depression, or PTSD. Then using the information, you can search for a therapist that treats something aligning with what you’re going through. If they’re not the right fit for you, they can recommend you to other therapists who may better suit you. 

Finding a therapist with the right certification can lower the chances of harm and a bad therapy experience. You can check on a therapist’s website for their credentials to see if that fits your needs. Ravel Mental Health can also help you understand which therapists may be qualified for your needs. 

2. Modality

Your therapy method can impact how effective your sessions are for you. Some people benefit from in-person therapy sessions, allowing them to connect with their therapist on a deeper level. 

However, some people feel more comfortable doing their sessions in the comfort of their own homes. It can help some people feel like they’re in their own space where they can be more open with their therapist. 

Finding if a therapist works better for you online, in-person, or hybrid is a factor to consider when searching for a therapist. 

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3. Specialties

Therapists tend to have a specific niche that they like working with. Sometimes this means that they’ll work with people with specific mental disorders or disabilities. While other times this can include the therapy type such as family therapy, couples therapy, CBT, or art therapy. 

Understanding which type of therapy you’re seeking can help you get better treatments for yourself. Some people feel that group therapy sessions are better for them than individual sessions since they’ll meet other people going through the same thing as them. 

Therapists will have specialties that allow them to be well educated and trained on the type of treatment you’d like to receive. Ravel Mental Health can help you find the therapist that suits your needs.

4. Background

Your background and your therapist’s background can play a major role in how you connect with them. If your cultural, sexual orientation, religion, economic, or gender background align, it can be easier to bond with your therapist on a deeper level.  

However, this isn’t necessary for many people as they may be seeking help for something unrelated to those life experiences. Many BIPOCs search for therapists similar to them, so they feel better understood about their life experiences. 

So, when searching for your therapist, see if their background is a significant factor in someone you’d like to help you. 

5. Location and Hours

Depending on what type of therapy you’d like to receive, whether online, in-person, or hybrid, their location is important. Many people search for therapists in their area to seek in-person treatments. 

You should see their office location to see if it aligns with your lifestyle. If the commute is too long, that can be a reason to consider a different therapist. Even their hours can be a factor since many people have conventional work hours and may not be able to leave work for a weekly appointment. 

If they offer unique hours that align with what you need, that can majorly contribute to whom you seek help from. Ravel Mental Health can help you find a therapist that aligns with your lifestyle and the type of therapy you’d like to receive. 

6. Availability

The last few years have prompted many people to seek help from a mental health professional. This has created a significant gap between who wants therapy and who can get it. Some people may have to wait a long time before the next available appointment. 

It can be difficult to book appointments with therapists without playing phone tag. If you’d like to avoid this hassle, you can sign up for Ravel Mental Health. This online platform will allow you to book appointments with available therapists in your area with just a few clicks, so you’re not waiting months for a session. 

7. Insurance

Mental health services can be expensive, so knowing if your insurance can cover therapy is huge. If they offer coverage, your next step is finding which therapist in your area takes that insurance. 

If you can’t find that perfect match, there are ways to make insurance more affordable. Some therapists offer a sliding scale that adjusts the price based on your income. Others provide discounted options or even payment plans so you can receive the help you want. 

You should shop around for your options and find whatever works best for you. 

8. Additional Services

Depending on what you’re seeking help for, you may need additional services outside of your weekly sessions. Some therapists offer extended services for their clients, such as medication management, psychological testing, or brain stimulation therapy. 

The additional help can ensure that you receive the depth of care you need. It can even include methods of mood tracking that can help your therapist better understand weekly or daily trends. Collecting this information can help curate a better treatment plan that will be effective. 

How Can Ravel Mental Health Help You Find Your Therapist?

Ravel Mental Health is an online platform that can connect you to a therapist who matches your needs. You can sign up and find the certified therapists in your area in what kind of treatment you’re seeking. 

With a few easy clicks, you can book your appointment and start your mental health journey. After you know what kind of things you want in your therapist, you can use Ravel Mental Health to find someone who checks off your boxes. 

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