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I ‘ve worked with people trying to reignite their creativity, those seeking relief from panic attacks, depression or the impact of past trauma on present experience. those working with challenges in relationships & families, dealing with racial trauma or identity or navigating institutions & workplaces. My ideal client is someone who wants to feel seen and heard, who is curious & wants to suffer less, more fully enjoy their life & relationships and be empowered to make their unique contribution to the world. I particularly welcome BIPOC clients, mixed race as I am, the neuro-diverse, & those who seek to do good for others. My clients find me very accessible, warm, attentive, direct, intelligent & sometimes even fun. Most do best with more interaction & even some challenge. Others first just need to feel seen & heard. My clients have taught me that even at their lowest, people have an amazing ability to connect & heal. And I am always really happy when I see someone really come into being themselves and recognizing that they can get better and live well. My work has required me to look at my own life challenges and I have been grateful to have had some really excellent psychotherapists. More so than any of the training I have taken, it is through being a client that I learned to be a good therapist Balancing long term , deep insight oriented work with approaches that yield more immediate relief is a hallmark of my approach

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